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Current Residence: Everywhere
Favourite style of art: Cartography
:spotlight-left:Welcome to the Map Club:spotlight-right:


--We now have 30 members, I have no idea if you are all active or not, but continue to submit maps to the club, so we can share with everyone!

--Map making tutorial:
This is the best one I know of, and really very fun. Check it out! >>>

--Name Generator:
Not feeling creative? Can't think of a name for the places on your map, or need a name for a character? Then go here>>
A great name generator, the best one I've seen.


Want to join?
Follow these steps...
1) Send mapclub a note with "Membership" as the title
2) Add mapclub to your watch list
3) Add a link to mapclub in your signature or journal(optional)


Total Members: 30</sup>
rushpoint zebravissimo simpsonssam SynchThetan fofaboss skyegu Sisck79 silveradamantite Rojeff EvilLizard Washu-kun neddiedrow Wasudo WindWolf23 lelldorin Ciuva Gnomeofdoom elegaer Shin-Aeris lordsethos lethe-gray Mike1204 Sejon GoaliGrlTilDeath Kainoss Deathcomes4u lagatafritz Alheimur burgundy22

:bulletblue:Submitting Maps

1) Must be a map of any type, or related to a map
2) Must be in your gallery
3) Must be a .jpg or .bmp
4) Send a note with "Submission" as the title with a link to the image
5) I will then re-submit it, with credit
6) Those who view your work will be asked to comment at your original link

devART-Group-Listing tolkien druids

Founder and Administrator: $rushpoint


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Murlynd Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
Would like to join!

Love making maps.
GoaliGrlTilDeath Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
My one map I ever made was found and thus I am invited... interesting. Mayhaps I should join?
mapclub Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2005
Mayhaps you should! Just note the club, watch the club, and you'll be a member!
Rojeff Featured By Owner May 15, 2005
I'm 100!
simpsonssam Featured By Owner May 13, 2005   Filmographer
I don't ever recall making a map, eh.
zebravissimo Featured By Owner May 8, 2005  Professional
I want presents! I WANT PRESEEENNNTTSS--er wait. Ur, can I join? I'll send a note

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